What I do

I tell stories of ordinary people facing difficult circumstances and making a difference in unusual ways.

Life is marred by cruelty, violence and despair. Now more than ever we need stories of empathy and compassion. We need to be inspired and see that humans are capable of doing good.

By seeing films about people who are making a difference, we as witnesses feel a renewed sense of hope about ourselves. We see that some things can be fixed, pain can be healed, and through service, we can not only better ourselves but also create a more just and compassionate world.

How I do it

My love of the fine arts and photography are at the heart of what inspires my camera work. I’m passionate about exploring how the recorded image can appear different from what the human eye perceives. I strive for a ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that is more unique and interesting than reality.

Using various lighting tools, lens modifications and manipulating exposure,  I improvise with interesting techniques to get the results that I need. I’ve used vibrating ground glass, plastic toy lenses, warped glass, and many other gags to create stunning visual effects.

I have a good eye for enhancing the look of the environments that I film. I have a degree and professional experience in theatrical set design and I incorporate these skills into art directing scenes and interviews.

What you get

I capture the right moments. I give careful consideration for covering a scene capturing the most important moments so that the imagery is most effective to support the story and characters.

Unlike many other cinematographers, I take extra time and care to make people feel safe and at ease. Earning the trust of those I film is as important to me as “getting the shot.”

Hire me because you want a more artful approach to camera work that presents a different way of seeing, and a more compelling way of telling.


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