For the very first shot of our very first shoot, Joe climbed up on the tractor in front of me out on the hood, and then he lifted the camera and placed one eye behind the view finder and pointed the lens at me, only inches away from my face.

Then he said softly, as if it were no big deal, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

I was terrified. But, I was committed, so up the road we went.

I did my best to act natural, but I felt like a robot, and I worried that I looked like an idiot.

Up at the top of the hill Joe said as he lowered the camera and smiled, “Awesome. That was great. I think we got some really good stuff.”

Joe pointed that camera at me countless times. Very quickly, however, I stopped seeing the camera altogether and only saw Joe, which happened for one simple reason, Joe is one of the most sensitive, compassionate, kind, and disarming people I have ever met.

I knew that for the film to capture the authentic heart of the story, I would have to lay myself bare, which frightened me, but because it was Joe behind the camera, I was able to do just that. With Joe behind the camera, I held nothing back. I gave everything. — Bob Comis is the main character in the feature length documentary, THE LAST PIG